Finding the Right Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

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There are literally hundreds of different models of Bluetooth speakers out there right now. You may have noticed that every year the number of available models has almost doubled. Also, at the same time, with increased competition, the prices of the speakers have decreased drastically. You can easily find a model for less than $10. However, as always you get what you pay for and sometimes low prices may be too good to be true.

Therefore, when shopping for Bluetooth speakers, the price itself is not something you should look at as the primary criterion. Certainly, there are some companies which are launching your models of Bluetooth speakers and thus are launching their product at a low cost in order to gain popularity. At that launch phase you might be able to get a good deal on a model. However, oftentimes speakers are made from inferior materials and will not last very long. Therefore, make sure that you have at least one year warranty on the speaker. I would not recommend purchasing a refurbished model because these types of products usually do not carry any type of warranty.

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Second, make sure that the battery which is bundled with the speaker has a sufficient capacity such that the speaker will be loud enough for your application and also last for while. There’s nothing worse than your speaker dying on you while you are in the middle of the party. Usually Bluetooth speakers are not designed for commercial applications. They work reasonably well in portable applications.

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However, these types of speakers also have their limitations. Don’t be surprised if the loudness of the speaker will not be sufficient for the environment in which you were planning to use it. Alternatively, I recommend to purchase regular speakers and connect an amplifier that supports Bluetooth. That way not only will you be able to use your existing speakers but also you will be sure that the sound quality is what you would expect. Many commercially available Bluetooth speakers don’t have much base response. That is a direct result of the speakers being tiny. The small size of Bluetooth speakers is mostly due to manufacturers trying to lower cost and also try to make the speakers as portable as possible. But obviously in many applications you don’t need portability and thus picking one of these very small types of speakers is not the best choice.

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