How to Properly Install a Network Player

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Network players are a fairly new type of device that have been introduced in the last few years. The main drive for network players is the development of networks as ways to transmit audio throughout the home. Network players are usually comprised of a storage device which typically would be a hard drive is well as control elements and a wireless or wired network interface.

When installing a network player, you will have to put it in a location that allows easy access to all of your audio sources. That way you can much more easily connect your player to all of your devices. In addition, the network player should be easily accessible via remote control which means it has to be within line of sight to the location where you spent most of your time listening to music.

Also, make sure to place the network play on a solid surface. You want to avoid the possibility of the player being tracked down and crashing to the floor. The crash can very easily damage the internal hard drive and thus your data might be lost. Also, make sure that the temperature of the environment which houses the player is fairly moderate. Extremely high temperatures can also cause damage to the player.

The power connection to the player should be fairly short. Short cable minimizes losses. Also, I recommend using a surge protector or even better a clean power source which would protect your player against power spikes. Make sure that you don’t close any heat vents on the player which can cause heat buildup inside the device and some damage. You can still hide the player from view but make sure that the window which interfaces with the remote control is visible so that the signal from the remote control can reach the player.

You don’t want to build the remote control into a cabinet that cannot easily be opened. You will need to connect different types of sources to the player from time to time which will require that you have access to the rear of the player. Also, sometimes the remote control might be faulty and you might want to control some functions directly by pushing the buttons in front of the player. So selecting the right space is crucial.

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